ive been anti- blog ass of late but im back i guess. been chillin..... playing music with some old friends these days as snakes! has fallen to the wayside a bit. we lost our practice space and we havent written a new song in about 9 months. go figure.... i had lots of fun playing with those guys but damn they are not motivated. ball is in there court i guess.
henry is doing really good. he has his first tooth. can sit up. and drive a car. just kidding. he has so much personality. he is truly a happy baby.
i dont know how people feel about the war but me and marissa cant stand it. most of our friends are on the same page but marissa wrote a nice blurb about va. tech and the war on her blog.http://starfishesfishes.blogspot.com/

some of the things i have been into these last couple of months...... this is max schaff latest build... i know what your thinking isnt there a pro skater named max schaff. well he builds bikes too!!!

http://jasonjesseemovie.com/ the trailer looks funny. as far vert skaters go it didnt get any rawer than this guy. he also builds bikes and cars. im starting to see a pattern here.

music wise ive been still getting all pysch a delic rock bitches. marissa thinks i should smoke a pound a weed a day but i dont. i just love stoner rock (as marissa calls it). she did go to radford....

spiritualized-pure phase
spaceman 3
psyhic ills-dins
fluorescent- myspace.com/fluorescent
white hills- myspace.com/whitehills

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