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i have moved

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i have moved

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most intense sunset

i have ever seen.     marissa and i with friends on the currituck sound n.c. frisco woods campground. june 2010



i feel lucky everyday to have kids this beautiful.  this was from a photo shoot a couple of weeks ago from our friend erin lundy. she is really affordable if anyone is interested



brakes seem to be in order. let's ride!!!!!


life is not easy

and that's why i love it



this picture is amazing...

summer is approaching fast. i cannot wait. a may trip back to d.c. with the kids. june obx trip with the whole family then right back a week later for some grown up fun with old friends. a two week vacation in august with no where to go and nothing to do except grow a beard.  hopefully finances will stay strong as money has been tight lately. skating is free and with the new norfolk park coming i'm hoping for some more riding in the future..  lame oh... post.. but holla at me this summer.  knees in the breeze.  more ramblin' to come




photo by marissa



annie is in good shape

tubes in and pop rocking like crazy....


dc trip

so marissa and i went to d.c. over the weekend to meet up with tami and paul from n.y.c..  i have known tami since high school and she is one of my best friends.we left the kids at marissa's parents so it was an adult beverage weekend.  the mission of the trip was to see art.   we hit up the hirshhorn and the national gallery.the hirshhorn had a joseph albers exhibit among other fine  pieces and the national gallery had a mark rothko exhibit. rothko is one of my favorite painters.     fun was had and we also had a excellent afghanistan meal at a restaurant named  balmin in alexandria.  too much fun. did i mention no kids???



this picture of annie is a few months old now but this is how she seems all the time.    sure she gets mad but   this sums her up pretty much.  next week annie will have tubes put in her ears because she has had ear infections non stop since way before november.  annie has been on 3 antibiotics that never really worked. marissa and i seem to be relieved that it could possibly be over for the infections after the surgery. there is a bit of nervousness about the whole thing because this  is our sweetheart darling little girl...    but she is a digirolamo and she will be ok and kick some ass soon enough. more then likely the ass of her brother.


excerpts from a screenplay i'm writing called "married conversation"

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sean young

i never saw him skate in person but what little tid bits i saw were great


it just seems crazy to me the money a city will spend on a skate park. you can build a smaller version of this

 for half the money... i imagine anyways.    i have no idea????  i skate everything modestly but i have no desire to jam a bunch of stuff together to make a jumble fuck of a skate park.   especially if the city has money to spend and build a couple of parks in 5 years.   two seperate parks seem like a logical idea... a transition park and a street park but thats just me.  what the hell do i know...