i found this post from march in my edit posts.

im on vacation this week. hell yeah. ive been minding henry at night for marissa. fortunate for me he has taken to only getting up once a night or not at all so far.... hehe. went out saturday to dinner,art show, and drinks with the family. youj know thom,beth, marissa, henry, and cassie. the whole gang. we had a lotta fun and in by 9. after henry went to bed i kept on drinking. of course i fell a sleep by 1030. thats cool but waking up on the couch with your wife trying to cut your toenails is kinda annoying. so i was the bad guy. sunday i had band practice cuz we are playing on wed. night at the boot. during practice marissa took henry to my parents for his first sleep over. he did really well. marissa and i went back to the boot to see a movie. well you guessed it i drank a couple of my new favorite beer. st.peters ale. its awesome. tastes good and i look like andy capp drinking it cuz the bottke is huge. well when we got home i had another beer and i was out like a light again. the only problem was that i woke up with a camera all up close on me !!! not a happy camper. i think i threatened marissa.i was not happy.


Marissa said...

you should post those pictures i took of you sleeping! they are awesome. especially the ones where you have just woken up, and realised what i was up to- you know, the ones where you are grimacing and pointing your finger wildly at me. good times.

Marissa said...

hehehehehhheeeeeee!!!!!! aren't you glad we have those pictures to remember that forever now?