secrets to a great blog!!!!

i have noticed a lot of blogs have certain things in common.

1. a really cute name with animals or just something cute. ehhhhhh

2. extreme close up photos.

wow....... look at my pretty nuts.

3.somewhat daily reports of mundane shit. well my dog and i had a great day. my car is cool. blah blah blah.

4.list's of things we like......or better yet a list of year end favorite's.

OH shit im a blogger. i guess im just as lame as everyone else. maybe just maybe i could offer something a little different. like a list of blogs i hate. records i hate. animals i hate. just be a damn hater.


Marissa said...

why you gotta be hatin' on me? where is the love?

Marissa said...

oh yeah- I wish there was a way to publish pictures along with comments- because I can think of a couple of things I'd like to take a picture of all up close. hmph. all this cause cassie made you mad.

Cassie said...


suzystel said...

i second that.

Marissa said...

hahahha- I think that its funny this has created a little "drama"- everyone feels so targeted by this entry. people who's blogs you've never even looked at before. it seems you've become quite the instigator, mike.