06' favorite's

liars-drums not dead
thom yorke- eraser
deerhunter-cryptograms advanced copy
psychic ills-dins

borat- hands down one of the funniest movies i have ever seen.
science of sleep- pretty amazing
little miss sunshine

the wire
the office
build or bust

these are some of the things i was digging on last year but..........
the most amazing and important thing was an addition to my happy family.

Henry Cooper DiGirolamo

this little man blows me away. every morning he wakes up with a smile on his face.i love it. this boy brings so much happiness to marissa and i.which reminds me. marissa is pretty amazing in her own right. i love her now more than i ever did. she was awesome thru the whole pregnancy.people talk about how there wifes became monsters. not marissa.she had her moments but under the circumstances she was AMAZING. this year i hope everybody stays safe and some of my friends get busy and drop some seeds. i want my friends to experience the joy marissa and i are experiencing. thom, bobby, nic GET DOWN sons.


Marissa said...

awwww- our baby is so beautiful. Amazing- that is the combination of you and me!

Cassie said...

mike - will you pay for daycare? then, we'll talk...