BATTLEBLOG ohhhhh BATTLEBLOG. battleblog was this wonderfull idea i had. it would be sweet, you diss other blogs and you battle back and forth. well the first battle was with my sister in-law.it was in all good fun. the problem is that a true battle can get ugly. i mean you should be able to attack with no mercy, no guilt right. well it just cant happen. cuz i feel bad for saying stuff like "the onion's hanging in your kitchen are like your husbands saggy balls".

like just the other night when beth and thom had us over. henry needed feeding so marissa and i went upstairs. i had the greatest opportunity to take photos of her panties.i didnt but that is the pain of BATTLEBLOG..... i even staged a poop on top of her truck.

thus is what makes this so hard.i cannot BATTLEBLOG with family. it's to hurtfull. haha BATTLEBLOG...

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beth said...

well well well
battle blog scmattle blog
okay nice guy
we will i suppose have to call it a draw
to nice to battle- my ass