well last week pitchfork talked about a new nick cave project called grinderman. im not a huge nick cave fan per say but i do love the sound of the birthday party.his old band pre-bad seeds. the fuzzy trebley bass is back with rocking drums. even more impressive with this project is the guitar.the one song i heard on myspce.com/grinderman has a totally wah-wahed out guitar.i mean wah-wahed feedback and loud. ilove it. its funny actually during the spring marissa and i were in richmond. we stumbled upon this used music store by VCU called candyland. they had a sweet wah in there but he woudnt come down on the price.well i didnt buy it and now grinderman has ripped off my wah feedback. haha not really but i am always looking for a new noise maker to enhance my lack of guitar playing.the noisy wah was what i had in my mind for a guitar part. might not of worked like grinderman but we will never know will we? haha. they ripped me off. just kidding. mute records is releasing their full length in march. i cant wait.


beth said...

old swamp back,
thom's semen does look funny, i agree.
can't wait to see your daily turd postings.
to answer your question- no it is not a giant turd on my profile rather a giant potato.
if i turd that big it would put the birth of swampyback jr. to shame!
to shame!
love always,
your worst nightmare

nicholas said...

no luck on stealing your beloved, grinderballs, as of yet .