this picture of annie is a few months old now but this is how she seems all the time.    sure she gets mad but   this sums her up pretty much.  next week annie will have tubes put in her ears because she has had ear infections non stop since way before november.  annie has been on 3 antibiotics that never really worked. marissa and i seem to be relieved that it could possibly be over for the infections after the surgery. there is a bit of nervousness about the whole thing because this  is our sweetheart darling little girl...    but she is a digirolamo and she will be ok and kick some ass soon enough. more then likely the ass of her brother.


Karen + Sara said...

hope annie is doing well!!

thanks for stopping by our site! i love the story about your wife's grandmother! Do you guys have any pics?? We'd love to see some! karen.f.brown@gmail.com


swampy said...

thanks karen & sara.. annie is doing great. i will try and get some photos...