Norma-Jean "The Duchess" Wofford


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Born in PittsburghPennsylvania, she was Bo Diddley's second female guitarist replacing Peggy Jones aka 'Lady Bo'. After Jones left the band, Bo Diddley was asked by disappointed fans what happened to the girl. As a response, he enlisted Miss Wofford, nicknamed her 'The Duchess', taught her to play rhythm guitar and informed male admirers that she was his sister. In reality, they were not related. Onstage, Wofford played guitar and sang alongside Gloria Morgan and Lily "Bee Bee" Jamieson as the Bo-ettes.
She was known for skintight stage clothes and appeared on several of Bo Diddley's record releases during her time in his band. These include the albums Bo Diddley & CompanyBo Diddley's Beach PartyHey! Good Lookin'500% More Man and The Originator.
She married and left the band to raise a family in Florida in 1966. Her married name was Richardson.
Upon Wofford's death in 2005, Bo Diddley stated, "Norma-Jean was my first sidekick...We did everything together. She was like family, which was why I told everyone she was my sister. There was no one else like her and I will miss her very much. I hadn't seen Duchess in so many years, but then she surprised me at a show in California last July. I'm so glad we had the chance to spend some time together again before she left this Earth." (Robert's Oldies Music Blog, 2005)

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