slow drip

so  we have had a leak in our new addition for a while now. we had thought we had solved the problem with some decisive measures but alas we have not.   during a rain the water is pushed down the roof with some force. during a snow the water moves slow as it is just melting a slow drip.thus moving one drip at a time down the back of our siding. then behind the sheathing and on to my hardwood floor. i have no way of fixing this in this weather so it's just a waiting game....   water torture at it's best. 


Templeton said...

I kinda know how you feel. We've got a leak in out basement that can't really be addressed until we get some kind of drought. For now we have a pump running about every 10-15 minutes and a perpetually damp basement floor.

swampy said...

when are we gonna get up and build some obstacles to skate on our streets.