3rd owner

this car was purchased in new jersey 07/21/1960. i know this because i have all the info. the owners manual,service sheet,receipts from work done and the most amazing thing is a journal of EVERYTHING ever done to it up until 1998.
we are excited!!!!


TND said...

holy shit, that is siiiick! how much did you get it for? btw,does that musicman sound like a twin?

swampy said...

1,500 was the price and i put 400 into it. we needed to fix a trans leak and the generator was acting up a little.all in all runs perfect!! gonna be my daily driver. i told marissa we are gonna have a contest to see who gets more tows. the jetta or the dart? the MM amp sounds almost as good as the twin... it's tubed but has a solid state pre-amp. so it has a little crunchiness when cranked. it could be louder than the twin though just not as clean at high volumes... later dude..

Bumbles said...