rip city

skateboarding has meant a lot to me over the years. it established who "i" am. this movie is the best testament to what skateboarding is for me. i do not skate every day any more. not even twice a month for that matter but......i cant go a day without looking around at curbs, gaps, weird handicap ramps, rails without thinking "is that skateable?" skating is the best kept secret in the world for those who can do it. i love to think that even if i dont skate for 10 to 15 years i still can drop in frontside grind or ollie up the curb and manual! just fucking roll with a little bit of fucking style! how many people outta of hundred can say that...... people will never understand the way skating molds your mind. looking at things differently. this movie captures the essence of that. skating is creating... haha.. this completes me writing about skateboarding since i wrote numerous "papers" in jr. high and high school about it.


TND said...

"Skateboarding has done everything for me and nothing for me at the same time" - ha, that's perfect.... I'm feeling you Mike D., although I can go months without touching my board, I still have that mindset where I'll see concrete,curbs, and weird building transitions and wonder if it's skateable. There's this building by my work (W.R. Grace Building) that has full on transition, and about 300' of vert! Whenever I see it I just want to drop in on the thing... check it out here.. http://www.flickr.com/photos/tnd1976/3240714635/in/set-72157612620998174/ ....not the best pic showing off the tranny it has, but you'll get the idea!

swampy said...

hey man your flikr photos are great... what are you doing with those? i have my eye on a couple... maybe sell a print or even the original? hit me up on the f'ook..

KennyDoll77 said...

This makes me regret quitting early on. I was interested in skating but there was no one around to really get me started off right. Between my neighborhood & K-Lakes there was this invisible, impenetrable wall. A sort of class barrier. My neighborhood was dirt, potholes, and all the older kids were hesher/grit BMX guys riding around listening to Death and D.R.I. cassettes on their walkman. That scene in Gummo when they're riding down that hill and Sleep comes on, it gives me chills. Actually, the first time I saw Gummo I was floored at it's accuracy. My family didn't live like that, but I certainly knew people who did.

So I got more into bikes and the expanse of fill dirt hills that graced our 'hood from time to time. We'd have the sweetest tracks lined up, then they'd come and take the dirt away and it wouldn't be seen for another three years or so. I'd jump anything back then, only landing them about .8% of the time. I got older, got outta the hood and all my friends skated, but by then I was too into guitar. I guess that's my blessing. I'm the best guitar player I know! Mwwwaaaahahahahaha!!!

nicbuc said...

it started with sitting on boards rolling down dave love's driveway . then dan got a hosoi and dave a roskopp, we started standing up after that . jump ramps and the bones brigade followed , then we became the bones brigade . i owe my friends, lifestyle and mindset to skating . (this is for terence) http://nicbuc.blogspot.com/2009/02/scraper_764.html
i'll do it if you do it

TND said...

kenny, I'll teach you how to do a kickflip if you teach me how to play the lead on "riff raff"!

mike d- ha, i'm an idiot, for a bit i was like "what the fuck is f'ook???"

nic-we could go doubles.
your pics are insane... what mm lens did you use on that grace shot...20mm or less???