new year

to begin i have had an excellent year. birth of my daughter,home addition,and a new band. marissa and i are seriously lucky to have the family and friends that we have. im not much on resolutions but i could be a litttle nicer. you really can never be to nice. marissa takes alot of my mess.im a kinda weird dude. a bit obsessive compulsive with a touch of controlling tendencies. a couple of things that drive her crazy. i love her she loves me... it's all good. i really dont know what to say on this blog. i think im just gonna start posting pics from the web that i find. typing hurts my mind.i need simplicity. later. have a good new year..


Templeton said...

Nice Barcelona Chair.

Marissa D. said...

"i'm a kinda weird dude"?? bit of an understatement.
I love you dear, and all of your weirdness.
Yes, you do drive me crazy. Your typos- are 'to' (too) much. And how is it that you manage to post THE WORST photos of Henry and me from iphoto here on this blog? I'm perplexed.
It has been a great year. The house is finally all coming together. Our family has grown, and is now complete (take note- I said Complete).
I love you. Don't hurt your mind. But I will miss your bizarre musings here if you stop typing out your observations... typos and all.
Even if you feel like you don't know what to say here, in 'real life' you always know just what to say.
And that is why I love you.

KennyDoll77 said...