bow ties are in


KennyDoll77 said...

The chef with tourettes. Jeff Garland yelling, "Cock! Cock! Cock!".

I once saw Jeff Garland & Patton Oswalt do a little Improv thing at the Upright Citizen's Brigade Theatre. They'd each monologue and pick up where the other left off, subject wise. Jeff had this crazy long monologue where he gave away personal belongings to audience members. Free gifts from Hollywood screenings & events, books, and scripts he'd read but didn't really like. It was capped off with some guy mentioning Pavement and Jeff saying "..........Fuck Pavement" and everyone cheering. Then Patton made up some new jokes on the spot just ranting. Goddamned amazing.

marissa said...

remember when we saw Jeff Garland at Caroline's in nyc? I thought he was gonna blow my mind, cause I love him so much on Curb. But I thought he sucked- all he did was work off the front row, which is pretty boring when you are in the tenth row, and you can't even see the people who he is making fun of.
richard lewis rocked when we saw him, though.
seinfeld.... eh. just alright.
i'd like to see wanda sykes do some stand-up. i bet her material is real fresh since she came out.
L.D. doing stand-up? I'd surely Lose my mind.