bowie and ronson

i stole this photo from randy at vertigo records and framed it (ripped out of a mag). this past spring my house caught on fire. it was scary as shit. when the fire dept. came this photo was above the closet where the fire was. it was priceless to see the fireman's face when he saw that photo.


swampy said...

yeah, you had that picture next to your awesome stuffed fish you caught as a kid. those fireman seemed a bit perplexed.

swampy said...

oh yeah- i accidentally posted as you. oops.

KennyDoll77 said...

Fuck that is fun-knee.

Malbone has this pedal called the D*A*M 1965 MK1 that's an exact replica of Mick Ronson's MK1 Tonebender Fuzz. The one that Gary Hurst made only fifty of. It's pretty much the sickest thing I've ever heard.