mike yac

when you grow up skateboarding you always dream about going to cali. at least when you dont live in cali. mike did the unthinkable after high school. he worked a couple of years and split for so cal. he was my hero. the man crushed every obstacle in his path. he once called me from the great west and told me he snowboarded in the morning and surfed that evening. that is unheard of here. at least thats a shitload of driving here. i even went out to see him during thanksgiving break once.we had a great time.checked out famous spots, skated a pool and even saw my first vans store. the cali dream was true. it could be done. i tried it once. things didnt work out like they were planned and i bolted home quick. none the less things worked out and i wouldnt change a thing. mike was the man.

mike always skated fucking fast. i remember trying b/s tailslide on a little curb. it was scary slow but mike wouldnt just do it slow. full speed everytime. he eventually learned them at full speed and i struggled wth them for years. never to get em down. i like mike.


KennyDoll77 said...

I think everything skate & surf culture related sold me on California. Along with Jane's Addiction and Breakdance 2: Electric Boogaloo. I could give a fuck about Hollywood and the film industry, but in some ways most TV & Movie watching Americans are already conditioned to So Cal, even if they've never set foot here. Sometimes I have the best adventures of my life and others I think this town will eat me alive, but I don't regret it for a second. Though I think I'm a little more privvy to Bukowski's LA than I am Jeff Spicolli's. Oh and a friend and I had a plan to wake up in the desert, have drinks in the snow, and then end up at the beach in one day's time. Totally doable.

Templeton said...

For me CA was the place where dreams came true. If I had another opportunity, I'd go back in a second.