my favs

so i started playing bass a few years ago out of a need to let some energy and steam go. jayson bautista had a new project brewing while in candyland car crash. i was totally flattered to be asked since my skill level was low. i didnt even own a bass. jayson didnt care and took me in with his and scott lyman's care ursa minor was formed. i then joined a band that eventually became collider. josh kramer formally of ultra-cindy was one of three guitarist in this band.we were a lot of indie rock style bands of the time. on tour once in d.c. someone told me i had a peter hook style. i was hyped on that. this isnt a history lesson or anything. i just wanted to say that i have since moved on to guitar. im in my third band as a full fledged six stringer. here are a couple of pics of my favorite guitarist.... but not limited too.

kevin shields
jayson bautista
guy picciotto


KennyDoll77 said...

A few years ago? C'mon dude.

FYI; You was one of my favorite local bassosaurs next to Ponessa. That's totally apples & oranges, but I always dug your style nonetheless. You + Bau, unstoppable. Add Slim and Nic and you have one of the best bands I've ever seen grace a fucking stage. For reals.

Funny, I just listened to the bachelor party hurricane jam the other night. Hi-Larious.

swampy said...

thanks kenny

Anonymous said...

hahaha!!!! i think I have that hurricane jam on my ipod- which just broke, sniffle, sniffle.