2007 gone but not forgotten.

was a great year. prettttty prettttty pretttttty good. marissa and myself had a year of many joys. many of which were because of our son. H to the izzzo. henry.we had a blast because we are still at so many of the first times. first time he walked ,first time saying daddy&mommy.so many first to name but you understand. music just keeps pouring in and those that know me know what i like. band wise i have been working on a new project "whispering winds" winds consists of me guitar,nic drums&bass, thom on vox. we have some diddys but wehavent penned down a sound per say. we just jam what we think sounds cool. nic says we sound retro at times. that reminds me of a 70's disco cover band though.... ha. we are somewhere between spacemen3,stereolab,radiohead,pj harvey. never know what the next jam will be.marissa has been working wth her mom on a new venture. POSY floral design. they have been wrrking really hard at trying to get the ball rolling. hopefully we can get one or two weddings a month on order to bring in some extra scrilla. i really have been struggling wth the blog thang. i just have no motivation. marissa has been talking about a new blog wth just photo's maybe i will do the same . keep it real and happy new year............ a 2007 photo recap is on my flikr page. http://www.flickr.com/photos/mikeandmarissa/


KennyDoll77 said...

New year, new decor! Looks like gramma's guestroom up in this piece. Glad to know you're still playing music. I had a band last winter that was kinda Jesus Lizard/Chavez sounding, very UN-L.A. and rad, but the drummer quit and then we forgot all the weird mathy parts we wrote. It sounds like a good conglomeration of ingredients. You could have an Awesome-Winds-Casserole in no time at all. Polly Jean will always be a favorite for me. I once went to the desert for a meteor shower and found my ass with a glass of scotch planted firmly where Polly Jean's was sitting in the Desert Sessions 9 & 10 photo at Rancho De La Luna. I'm not ashamed to say that I didn't wash my ass for a week.

Marissa said...

prettty, prettty, pretty good!