we played tonight and it went ok. i always have a hard time hearing things on this one song. tonight was no differnt and i was all over the place. after our first song i got it together and rocked out. i did get scared when at one piont my new glasses fell off! i just moved far away and hoped not to step on hem. luckily i didnt and we continued the ROCK. saw a couple of old skate buddies who came late. nice to see old friends. marissa and henry stayed home. after we were done i loaded up and pretty much hung out for 30 minutes. i saw three big sleep songs and they were sick. thebigsleep.net check them out. im feeling major guilt after working long days and not being home. im gonna go deep cover and not do much but be daddy. i have a vacation after x-mas. i should be refreshed after that. its gonna be a long holiday...... blah blah

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Marissa said...

You shouldn't feel guilty, crazy man. We both have to keep on doing what we love because that's what makes us who we are. We have to keep being who we are for the sake of Henry, ourselves, and each other. Life would be boring if we were just 'baby- watchers.' You know what I mean? Snakes! Don't break those high falutin' glasses, ravioli.